Mahak Foundation has been been grateful for donations which have helped in


1. Providing safe drinking water facility for the children and the staff.


2, Renovating the toilets and sewage facilities.


3. Supporting the teachers and other staff with their salaries.


4. Mid day meal for children.


5. Help in securing the land where the school and charity office is run on a permanent basis.



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In the last 18 months.....


We still need large amount of help to:


1. Support each individual child to towards their tution fees, uniform, books, etc.


2. Continuing the mid day meal programme and providing basic health facilities.


3. Renovating the school building, library, science laboratory, IT facilities, etc.


Please help by donating generously


You can be assured that all the funds obtained are properly utilised and accounted for with minimal overheads.





Mahak Foundation is a charity for tax purpose with HM Revenue & Customs

(Ref. XT 13100) and eligible for Gift Aid payments.


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